How to Donate a Car to Charity foor Animals in Queens, NY

Just follow these 3 easy steps

If you have an old, broken-down or otherwise unwanted vehicle, Carz4Pets can take it off your hands. Donate your car to us, and we’ll sell it to fund programs that support animal rescues and fosters in the Queens, NY area.


Fill out the contact form on this page to donate a car to Carz4Pets.

donate vehicle to fund our fostering services for dogs in Queens

1. Tell us about your vehicle.

Please include the make and model.

donate to fund emergency vet care for homeless and neglected animals

2. Make an appointment.

We can pick up the car at your convenience.

Save on taxes by donating vehicle for animal charity in queens

3. Keep Your Receipt

You’ll need it to write off your vehicle donation on your taxes.

We accept more than just cars

Carz4Pets can sell any passenger or commercial vehicle, including cars, RVs, motorcycles and boats. All proceeds go toward animal abuse awareness and pet adoption programs in the Queens, NY area.

Have questions about our vehicle donation guidelines? Call 833-501-7387 now.

Fill out the donation form now to donate your car and help save animals in Queens, NY.

donate any vehicle to fund our animal fostering services for dogs in Queens

We Will Pick Your Vehicle Right Away

Donate Your Old Vehice To Our Charity For Animals In Queens, NY