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Your vehicle donation will save the life of one of our furry friends. We appreciate your kindness and love for them.


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Donate Your Car To Our Animal Charity In Queens, NY

carz4pets - dedicated to supporting rescues

Your Vehicle Donation Saves Lives ..

One of the most sincerest forms of love is the love of our furry friends. But unfortunately many of our furry friends do not receive the love or care they deserve. And it is through your generous donations that we seek and support those that speak and care for the voiceless.

Since 2017, our local non-profit organization has been selling donated cars, trucks, boats and RVs to support animal rescues and fosters in the Queens, NY area. We’ll take the hassle of out of donating your vehicle by handling the DMV paperwork and hauling your vehicle away.

carz4pets - donate your car to our animal charity in Queens, NY

Write Off the Car, Not the Pet

Donate your vehicle to our local non-profit organization in Queens, NY

Did you know the IRS offers tax breaks to people who donate cars to charity? Because Carz4Pets is a 501(c)(3) organization, your vehicle donation will be tax-deductible. Write off the donation on your taxes and pat yourself on the back knowing that you did a good deed.

Call 833-501-7387 now to donate your car to our animal charity.


donate your car to our animal charity in Queens, NY

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donate to fund our fostering services for dogs

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donate to fund emergency vet care for homeless and neglected animals

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Serving Queens, NY And Surrounding Areas Within 50 Miles

Giving our furry friends a helping hand

Johnny and Ruth have been helping pets in need for over 20 years. Unable to take the pain of losing an animal, they formed a local non-profit organization in Queens, NY to help animal rescues and fosters find forever homes for dogs and cats.

You can help us support these individuals and organizations. When you donate your car, truck, boat or RV to our local charity, we’ll sell it and use the proceeds to…

Charity for dog adoption
carz4pets - dedicated to supporting rescues
carz4pets - dedicated to supporting rescues

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Donate Your Old Vehice To Our Charity For Animals In Queens, NY