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Your vehicle donation will save the life of one of our furry friends. We appreciate your kindness and love for them.

Donate Your Vehicle to Carz4Pets

A local non-profit organization in Queens, NY

Whether you want a tax write-off or the satisfaction that you’re helping animals, donate your car to our charity in Queens, NY. Carz4Pets sells donated vehicles and uses the proceeds to raise awareness of animal abuse, pay for veterinary care and sponsor dogs and cats in foster homes.

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If you have any questions about this form or our car donation program in general, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Call Us at 833-501-7387.


We accept any vehicle in any condition

This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of

  • an old, broken-down RV
  • a boat that you inherited from a loved one
  • an unwanted car that’s collecting parking tickets
  • a motorcycle which you stopped using years ago

If you have no use for a vehicle, look into our boat, RV, motor cycle and car donation program in Queens, NY. Donating a vehicle will help save the life of a sick, homeless. animal

Fill out the donation form now to donate your car and help save animals in Queens, NY.

donate any vehicle to fund our animal fostering services for dogs in Queens