Help Animals in Need – Donate a Car to Charity in Queens, NY

We’ve made the process hassle-free for residents of the Queens, NY area

Wondering why you should donate a car to charity? There are so many benefits – you can write off the donation on your taxes, get rid of an unwanted vehicle and feel good knowing that you did a good deed. Carz4Pets offers a car donation program to help residents of  Queens NY area, support local animal rescue organizations and individual fosters.

We’ve made it easy to donate a car to charity. 

You won’t have to hire a towing company as we will pick up your vehicle. Complete mountains of paperwork as we will do it for you. Ask for a written acknowledgement, as we will give you a receipt.

Donate your car and help save animals today


donate any vehicle to fund our animal care services for dogs in Queens

We accept any vehicle in any condition

This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of

  • an old, broken-down RV
  • a boat that you inherited from a loved one
  • an unwanted car that’s collecting parking tickets
  • a motorcycle which you stopped using years ago

If you have no use for a vehicle, look into our boat, RV, motor cycle and car donation program in Queens, NY. Donating a vehicle will help save the life of a sick, homeless. animal

Fill out the donation form now to donate your car and help save animals in Queens, NY.

donate any vehicle to fund our animal fostering services for dogs in Queens

We Will Pick Your Vehicle Right Away

Donate Your Old Vehice To Our Charity For Animals In Queens, NY